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L471, White Spotted Dwarf Hypancistrus, Mini Snowball Pleco

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SCIENTIFIC NAME / FAMILY / GENDER Ancistrus Hoplogenys, Loricariidae
TRADENAME Xenocaras Golden Point, L059, Ancistrus Hoplogenys Gold Point
ORIGIN They originate from the southeast of Brazil, in the Mato Grosso jungle and it is also possible to find them in some rivers of Colombia: Río Caquetá, Canca and Japurá.
CHARACTERISTICS  Color: dark base with small scattered white spots. They also have reddish / rustic fin rays that fade as they age. Size: 18cm
Sex determination is the same as other ancistrus, males develop bristles around the muzzle and up to the middle of the muzzle (usually a line), females may or may not develop bristles around the muzzle but never up the muzzle. above.


Ph 5.5 – 7.5 Oxygen
Hardness Gh Ammonia
Temperature 26 ° -30 ° C.

ETHOLOGY OF FISH They are not aggressive however, they need their own space or else they will fight with their kin                                                                                                                        PACKING.  The transport is carried out in plastic bags with compressed oxygen.

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